Hyperdrive Solutions is a company specialising in IT Solutions for various businesses such as the Oil & Gas, Engineering and Marketing and Media industries. Founded in 1999, the company has delivered high quality complex, bespoke systems for large blue chip corporations such as BP, Air BP, Energy Institute, Sky, Virgin Atlantic, Toyota, Torex, Maritz and Thomson Directories.

With over 25 years of Software Development and industries that require a high technical business knowledge, Hyperdrive Solutions is expertly placed to add greater value and deliver better specialised IT solutions to industries such as Oil & Gas, than other more mainstream software development companies.

As part of its commitment to producing quality systems, Hyperdrive Solutions is currently striving for its UKAS accredited ISO9001 certification.

contact:          +44 (0)77112 54321

email:              info@hyperdrive.co.uk

linked-in:        linkedin.com/in/hyperdrivesolutions

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