Energy Institute
2014 – 2015 London, United Kingdom

Addition of an Exxon-Mobil PDF reporting module and monitoring system for the complex stats web app using MVC 5.0, EF 6.0, LINQ, SQL 2012 and .NET 4.5 hosted on Microsoft Azure using the Unity DI framework and Moq. Created Rosner GESD and Grubbs algorithms to calculate complex outlier operations in C# and built components to draw PDF bar charts and detailed graphs including best fit lines and overlayed Anderson Darling A2 stats data.

Dimension Data
2013 – 2014 United Kingdom

Providing C#.NET, Entity Frameworks 4.5 and SQL Server 2012 development resources for the Dimension Data Enterprise Pricing Tool, specialising in database performance and optimisation, the development of rich user interfaces using DevExpress .NET components and fully integrated OO business components and service layers.

Energy Institute
2013 – 2013 London, United Kingdom

Migration of the BP complex statistical lab analytical data application to the Energy Institute to .NET 4.0 and SQL 2012 with multi-browser support.
2011 – 2013 Farnborough, United Kingdom

Working as a consultant under an Agile/Scrum environment, responsible for improving the website performance and page ranking using best practices such as :-

• Image compression and spriting and JavaScript, HTML & CSS minification
• Resource optimisation by consolidation and migration of assets to static servers
• Deferred loading of JQuery external scripts for faster page rendering
• Implementation of CSS best practices (styles, layouts and separations)
• Integration of a full suite of Google Analytics to the thomsonlocal website

Created the Free Listings page using an optimized WebForm that utilised services such as PostcodeAnywhere and a dynamic FlexBox dropdown using a clientside XmlHttpRequest and JSON to consume a .NET Web Service.

Created ISAPIRewrite RegEx scripts for mobile browser detection and redirect as well as Bot and spam interception.

Worth Overdoing Marketing and Consulting
2009 – 2011 United States

As part of a small, global team in a virtual office utilising an Extreme Programming and Test Driven Development environment, I implemented a suite of enterprise marketing applications:

• Created core business components exposed to a service layer
• Multithreaded architecture for improved performance to social network sites
• Extensive use of caching for improved high-concurrency website performance

2009 – 2009 United Kingdom

Full lifecycle development and implementation of an intranet based global training system using the RAD methodology. The application allowed users to undergo training and testing at their place of work during quieter times rather than incurring the lost time and huge costs of flying staff to a central training and testing location:

• Significant costs savings made by eliminating flight costs and work disruption
• Integrated document handling with SharePoint using the WSS object model
• Application used worldwide within the Air BP Fuels team

MICROS Systems UK Limited (TOREX)
2008 – 2008 United Kingdom

Part of an Agile team of 20 that managed software for the hospitality sector. Developed and implemented a C# white label prototype POS application that was to be acquired by Costa Coffee and others for their retail outlets. The target development platform was an ePOS touch screen till. The prototype was completed on time and budget

2007 – 2008 United Kingdom

Developed a Change Management application to ensure audit outcomes of proposed refinery process changes meet ISO9001 compliance using RAD methodology. The application allowed users to create change management question packs with intelligent question workflow and events based on user selected answers:

• Created a library of custom components inherited from standard .NET controls
• Integrated document handling with SharePoint using the WSS object model
• Excel integration using com interop with existing .NET business components
• Webparts used for SharePoint site for user interaction with business data
• Application used worldwide within the BP Fuels team

2007 – 2007 United Kingdom

Development of a C# application and service to create and manage the display of sports categories and sports headlines on the Sky Sports channel. The technologies used were C#.NET, XML, XSLT, SQL 2000, Windows Services.

• Application now live and output can be seen on Sky Sports
• Created TELNET component to communicate with 3rd party rendering application

LG Electronics (Sky)
2006 – 2007 United Kingdom

Using RAD methodology, developed a C# service and application to transform news, finance and weather content from Sky into XML and then stream this to LG Electronics new giant LED screen in Piccadilly Circus and 17 giant resolution screens in Network Rail terminals.

• Sky branded content viewed by over 3 million people each week
• Part of “Digital Outdoor” (Royal Television Society Innovation awards nominee)
• Unattended service which alerts support team of any process anomalies

Virgin Atlantic Airways (Sky)
2006 – 2006 United Kingdom

Development and implementation of a C# Windows service and application to transform current and sports news, finance, entertainment and weather content from Sky into XML and then stream this to Virgin Atlantic’s seat-back screens on their aircraft via a 3rd party satellite system.

• Sky branded news content viewed by Virgin Atlantic customers
• Sophisticated algorithm to stream content and monitor journalist edits
• Unattended service that throttled streamed content to be sent by satellite to the aircraft

2004 – 2006 United Kingdom

Created a complex statistical application that processed large amounts of lab analytical data which required a significant amount of database performance analysis, requiring SQL Profiler and implementing denormalisation.

• Creation of complex Z-scoring and Hawkins outlier rejection algorithm
• The applications helped the teams in achieving their ISO9001 compliance

2003 – 2004 United Kingdom

Design and development of a vehicle and tyre pricing financial system under the Interpretive Structure Modelling (ISM) methodology in a large development team.

• Created architecture, design and ISM documents and test plans
• Improved public facing dealer website response times from 15 to < 1 second
• Pricing engine utilised optimised substitution algorithm for goal seeking

2002 – 2003 United Kingdom

Development and implementation of a sports statistics enterprise system delivering instantaneous sports statistics to Sky and other external clients.

• Highly scalable system running 16+ simultaneous sports events
• Design supported a multitude of sports improving client market penetration

2001 – 2002 United Kingdom

Development and implementation of a change management system that was used worldwide by BP technical staff for F1 Jaguar fuel samples and raised team brand awareness to external clients.


1999 – 2000 United Kingdom

Designed and developed CSLA and OO methodologies the 4-tier multi-user web based $2 million project management, data capture and reporting software (Mystery Shopping system).

1989 – 1999 London, United Kingdom

Working in the arena of Simulation, bespoke engineering applications development and consultancy in the Oil & Gas industry, specialising in bridging the technology gap between IT and process engineering.

British Gas plc
1987 – 1988 Sollihull, United Kingdom

Chemical Engineer working in a team designing and operating a Coal Hydrogenation pilot plant in Sollihull.


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